PRIORITY LISTING SERVICE: Teksgo Active Member Companies (members that purchased one of the monthly or annual payment plans) are placed at the top of the search lists with the smart ranking made by Teksgo, depending on how actively they use the system, like how many customers (buyers) visit their pages in Teksgo . However, it is also possible to purchase the PRIORITY LISTING SERVICE offered by Teksgo to appear to customers at the top of the listings, more actively in certain periods and to appear in certain product categories. You can purchase this service offered to active members, for the product categories you have registered in your company's product categories and ensure that your company is listed at the top (in the section reserved for the relevant service) in the relevant category searches. To purchase the service, all you need to do is make your payment by entering the Priority Listing Service section in the My Membership section from the Teksgo menu, selecting the product category you want to appear and the month information you want the service to be valid for. Teksgo reserves the right to sell / not sell this service and the service can only be purchased for a certain period in the future, planning / purchasing for far future may not be possible. In case of inability to benefit from the service (when the service is valid but the company's membership is no longer active, etc.), Teksgo has the right not to return the fee received for the service sold to the company.