ACTIVELY BENEFITING OF COMPANY FROM TEKSGO: After the company becomes an Active Teksgo Member, there are things to do and not to do in order to actually benefit from the Teksgo system: First of all, it is important to enter the company information correctly and completely in order to give confidence to the customers (buyers) who access the Teksgo system from all over the world. When entering your company profile information in Teksgo, you should definitely upload your high quality company logo (it should only be your logo, any unrelated photographs or drawings that do not represent your company, such as a business card photos should not be uploaded, they will be deleted when detected). Companies without a logo do not reassure customers. Along with the official title of your company, you should fill in all the information that will make it easier to find your company, such as your commercially known title, all known alternative names of your company, your registered (or unregistered) brands. Your billing address is important for your payment information, but if it is different from your billing address; It is important that you save all your addresses into the system, such as; stores, warehouses, branches and factories. When saving your addresses, you can complete them by selecting their coordinates on the map or entering them manually. Be sure to add the addresses you want the customers (buyers) to reach, and record them with your location information on the map so that we can direct customers to your address when necessary. Your phone and e-mail addresses must also be filled in, even better to provide more than one, as they are important for customers who may want to access you through these communication channels. Do not forget to write a short about text of your company and indicate in which languages ??your company representatives serve and communicate, so that customers can be more easily convinced to contact you. Another way to be an active company in Teksgo and to be able to found in searches made by customers (buyers) from all over the world is to register all product categories and subcategories that you produce or sell, into the system and upload quality product images to the relevant product categories. Apart from all this information, you can also upload, if there are any, the documents of your company (your company's certificates, compliance documents, etc.), to the system. In this way, you may have presented your reasons as to why customers should prefer you over other companies in their searches. On the other hand, it is possible to save your company's social media addresses and promotional video in the system. USING THE SHOWCASE FEATURE SAVES TIME AND CONVENIENCE FOR BOTH YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMERS AND MAKES YOUR COMPANY ACTIVE AT TEKSGO. Benefiting from Teksgo's Showcase feature is free of charge within your existing membership plan. Create as many SHOWCASES as you want, add as many products as you want to your showcases, upload photos, add descriptions, product codes and prices if you want. Invite customers to your showcases and select who will be a member of which showcase. The products you add to your showcases or the updates you make in the existing products will be notified as instant notifications to the customers who are members of the relevant showcases. In this way, keep all your customers informed about your products, just with an update. When you want, remove the products from the showcase, so that you can inform your customers, for products that are out of stock or you do not produce anymore, with just a single touch.